There are two pools in our pool complex, an “L" shaped pool holding 42,000 gallons, and a kidney shaped pool holding 62,000 gallons.  The “L shape pool is heated at 82 degrees from October 1st to May 31st.  The kidney shaped pool is not heated. Click here to view our current pool rules.

Our spa holds 4000 gallons and is heated to 103 degrees year round.

To gain entry to the pool/spa area, homeowner's must obtain a key fob from the PDCCA Management Office after December 20, 2016. Key fobs are provided to homeowners after their yearly assessment is paid in full. Pool hours are posted on the front page of this website. You can view our pool rules and regulations on this website.

Effective, January 3, 2017 PDCCA will have a new automated pool access system initiated (the existing system is being eliminated). To view the new policy click here

Common Area Rooms

The main building houses the office, one meeting room, Alice Marble Hall, full kitchen and six rooms which are rented to a private business. The small meeting room will accommodate up to 25 people each.

Alice Marble Hall has 2500 square feet of floor space and will seat up to 150 people (maximum capacity) for a special event. Use of the kitchen is included. Our kitchen has a commercial ice machine, commercial refrigerator, two commercial gas ranges with ovens, and a stainless steel 2 tub sink. This hall is available to PDCCA homeowners in good standing for a family event, two times per year, on a space available and cost basis. Contact the PDCCA office to schedule your event.

Joe Mann Park and Rose Garden

Joe Mann Park is operated by the City of Palm Desert,which rents this land from PDCCA. The Memorial Rose Garden next to the pool gate area is also maintained by the City of Palm Desert. This Rose Garden area was built and maintained for many years by the Garden Club of Palm Desert, a group of local residents who pruned the roses and maintained the memorial sign. Contact our PDCCA office if you would like to place a name on the memorial sign in the Rose Garden.

Facts about your Association

Q. Why do I have to pay an assessment each year?
A. At the time you purchased your home, your escrow provided documents that showed your home is part of a homeowner association, and is encumbered by the Association's CC&R's and Bylaws.
Q. What is the money used for?
A. The money is used for the maintenance and up keep of the association properties at 77-800 California Drive in Palm Desert.  These properties include a recreation hall and meeting rooms, as well as two swimming pools and a spa.  There also is an office that is maintained for association activities and transactions.
Q. Who can use the association facilities?
A. The pools are available to homeowners, their families, and guests at no charge.  The recreation hall, meeting rooms, and patio are available to homeowners for functions involving homeowner, spouse, children and grandchildren at no charge once a year.  (Exception is if you want staff to set up and clean up for your function at an additional cost).  The homeowner must be in attendance.  There is a reservation/damage deposit required to reserve a time and date. Click here to view our new Hall Use Policy
Q. Are the facilities rented to non-members?
A. Yes.  AA groups, Jazzercise, salsa classes, and ballroom dancing classes are sponsored by independent companies who pay varying rental fees for use of Alice Marble Hall. Contact them directly for pricing information. See the Community Links page in our bi-monthly newsletter for more dates and times of classes.
Q. Why are some people charged a late fee?
A. The annual assessment is due January 1st and becomes delinquent on January 15th if not paid.  On January 16th, a late fee of 10% ($36.30 plus an admin fee of $8.00) is added.
Q. When did the due date of the assessment change?
A. The due date, delinquent date, late fee and all other collection procedures have been in effect for many years.  (See pages 20-23 of CC&R’s).
Q. When does the PDCCA Board of Directors Meet?
A. On the 3rd Tuesday of the month, except July and August.
Q. Is there a newsletter published?
A. Yes, a newsletter is published every other month.
Q. Can I add a room to my house, build a wall, or change my property in any way?
A. All exterior changes to property must be approved by the Association before construction begins. You are responsible to determine if a city permit is required.
Q. What if I see a property that needs care and maintenance with the Association?
A. Contact the association by email (admin@pdcca.com) and provide the address of the property in question. A member of the Community Improvement Committee will follow-up with an inspection. If a CC&R violation exists, the owner will be notified through the Association's Rules of Enforcement procedure. (Click here to view the current Rules of Enforcement Policy.)
Q. Are all Association members governed by the CC&R’s (Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions)?
A. Yes, every homeowner is provided a copy of the CC&R’s by the escrow office when the purchase is complete.  If you cannot find your copy, you can purchase a copy at the association office.


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